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Image of NV Yoni Steam Kit

NV Yoni Steam Kit

Steam in the privacy and comfort of your own home...
INCLUDED: Herb Blend, Steam Bowl, Candle, & Instructions

* Pulls toxins out of the body
* Alleviates abdominal pain and pressure
* Relieves menstrual cramps
* Regenerates damaged tissues
* Tightens the vagina
* Aids in healing hemorrhoids
* Helps alleviate vaginal odor
* Helps womb absorb herbal medicines into the bloodstream
* Regulates the menstrual cycle
* Relieves heavy menstruation
* Balances hormone levels
* Aids the body in ridding itself of bacteria, viruses, and fungi
* Stimulates growth of white blood cells and antibodies
* Sweating creates cardio benefits
* Mood stabilization
* Strengthens the uterus
* Rids the womb of excess waste which contributes to cysts, fibroids, cancers, and
* Relieves menopausal symptoms
* Facilitates emotional purging
* Helps align chakras
* Builds self-esteem
* Releases stagnant energy and stimulates creativity
* Supports lymphatic health
* Assists with fluid retention
* Strengthens communication
* Stimulates healthy sexual energy
* Reduction and elimination of abnormal growths in the womb with consistent use
* Releases cellular memories of sexual and physical traumas
* Helps women conceive
* Speeds up recovery after childbirth